Biodiesel Feeds

Welcome to the Biodiesel Feeds Website at the University of Minnesota

The U.S. biodiesel industry is rapidly growing like the U.S. ethanol industry. The primary by-product of biodiesel production is crude glycerine (glycerol). In fact, for every gallon of biodiesel produced, 0.3 kg of crude glycerine is generated. Glycerine has been used for many years in numerous industrial applications including being a food sweetener and preservative. It is also widely used in drug and pharmaceutical products and is added as a moisturizing agent in cosmetics and body lotions. Other uses include uses in paper manufacturing and as a component of de-icing and anti-freeze solutions. However, with the growing supply of glycerine being produced, new alternative uses are being developed including using crude glycerine as an energy source in livestock and poultry feeds. 

Researchers in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Minnesota, and their collaborators, are leading a new research effort to evaluate the benefits and limitations of feeding crude glycerine to livestock and poultry. We have developed this website to provide current and comprehensive information about utilizing glycerine in animal and poultry feeds.